Updated April 2020: All in-cafe paint parties have been moved online for a reduced price.

We are offering Online Paint Parties (via Zoom) with instructor Jasmin. It's a lot of FUN creating your own Masterpiece (Acrylic on Canvas Painting)...

Paint Party reservations must be made one week in advance, to allow for planning and mailing Paint Supply Kits to the painters. 

The cost per person is $36.50 (a 24 % price reduction) and includes over 22 years of painting experience by the lead artist Jasmin,  step-by -step instructions over a 2-hour interactive and fun painting session, and an Acrylic Painting Starter Kit. The kit can be picked up from the cafe or mailed to your address for the shipping cost ($8.50), bringing the total cost to $45.

We will plan the paintings in 20- minute intervals, with specific instructions on HOW to paint a section, step-by-step, before advancing to the next section. A few-minute break will be planned within each  20-minute section to take questions from participants, as well as to allow the budding artists to freshen up their supplies: restock clean water, new paper towels, or to add a needed paint color, etc. 
Painting Party
Paint Parties are a fun way to let loose and rediscover your creativity. You may find yourself losing track of time, thinking only of what color to lay down next on your canvas, resulting in a wonderfully relaxed state, called "being in the zone". It is similar to a runner's "high". It can be deeply relaxing and feels great. Painting together (even remotely ~ online) can be a great way to bond with your family members or to interact with your friends. At the end of the party, your will come away with your own unique piece of art!


Please call Jasmin directly at (808) 781-9007 with any questions and to book yourself and friends to paint. Definite reservations must confirmed and paid for one week in advance.

Gratuity is appreciated, as well. 

Let us all support one another during this unprecedented local and global health (and economic) crisis. One Ohana, One Love! We are all planning to stay well and thrive throughout this uncharted time in history.
Painting Party in Honolulu
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