Mirage Art & Coffee, a neighborhood café, was born from Jasmin’s passion for creating visual art and her love for sharing a cup of coffee with interesting people from all over the world.

What is special about our coffee house? We have authentically prepared Saudi Arabian and Turkish Coffee. Jasmin, having lived in the Middle East much of her life, could practice how to make these coffees to perfection. With the Turkish coffee you will receive a free Coffee Ground Reading, your fortune telling.

There is a lot more than just coffee. We have cold blended smoothies, frappes, iced and hot beverages, as well as food. We are striving to re-create that Coffee House atmosphere in which patrons mingle and have great conversations as well as immerse themselves in visual arts and music

Jasmin is a Global Nomad at heart. Join her to journey into her Exotic Oasis to relax, renew your well-being and re-energize. Her mission is to provide an Inspiring Peaceful Venue in which you can DELIGHT all your senses and connect with people of Arabian, Asian and local cultures through their artistic expressions and unique coffees and food.

“Ahlan wa Sahlan”. Welcome!

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Mirage Art Coffee