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My name is Jasmin El-Gohary: I am a Mother of two Sons, a Daughter, a Sister, a Niece, an Auntie, a Great Friend, a Dancer, a Therapist, an Artist, an Ambassador for InterNations, a Lover of Coffee, a Collector or Creator of Beautiful Things, and of course, a Lover of FUN! I am the creator and owner of Mirage Art & Coffee LLC.

I have been influenced by many cultures: Middle Eastern (Saudi Arabia), European (German and English), Asian (Bali, Thailand, Sri Lanka, African (Kenya, Egypt), and North American (most notably, the Hawaiian island of Oahu). The cultures of my birth are Saudi Arabia and Germany with a sprinkling of English and a Lavish Dose of American (Hawaii) poured on top!

Middle Eastern version of Hospitality

Appreciation for Art and Coffee

What Excites me? Meeting new people from all over the world and expanding my Middle Eastern version of Hospitality, similar to the Hawaiian ALOHA, spreading my appreciation for Art & Coffee, through sharing experiences, music, traveling, dancing, creating art and making connections in my Arabian Art and Coffee Emporium.

How can I do what excites me daily? I am opening up my Art and Coffee House to welcome you into my Exotic Oasis, which will “Light up” your senses in a brilliant rush of primarily Middle Eastern (Asian and Local) Colors, Flavors, Scents and Sounds.

Here you will experience Feelings of Well-Being & Relaxation or Inspiration & Stimulation – as per your needs. It all depends on what you are looking for- Enjoy a cup of hot or cold Arabian Coffee or Tea, American Recipes also available, accompanied by easy to eat savory and sweet snacks, whilst chatting with interesting patrons, and immersed in the sounds of other-worldly music. You will find yourself surrounded by a variety of Beautiful Arts and Gifts from Arabia & Asia as well as locally sourced Gems.

The Ambiance will be that of an Arabian Oasis tucked away within the city of Honolulu. Here you will meet and connect with coffee and art lovers, and those fascinated by other cultures. Great new connections can be forged or you can go on a mini “Mirage Art & Coffee” vacation by taking a “Personal Time Out” to escape your daily routine and Allow ALL of your senses to Travel to Far Away Destinations.



My WHY for launching MIRAGE ART & COFFEE is to do something I love daily and share it with Each and Every one of you, thereby connecting people from different cultures with myself and each other, and helping to promote better understanding between the West and the Middle East. We are really just ONE SINGLE GLOBAL OHANA.

Please BE OUR GUEST at MIRAGE ART & COFFEE to talk story over a cup of coffee whilst indulging in some amazing Art and Connection!

Mirage Art Coffee